The Romantic Worshipper

A dozen roses, a box of chocolate, a love letter, and a special date, all these are famous examples of romantic advancements. However, the art of romance surpasses routines, just as true worship involves more than observing religious rituals.

A spirit of worship in the home sets a healthy atmosphere for loving romance. My wife and I recognized early in our marriage that when we walk in an attitude of worship to God, we become more appreciative of each other. Furthermore, praying before becoming intimate can often create a more pleasant time together. We learned that God places a sense of peace and belonging in our hearts when our minds are on Him.

Just as intimacy involves more than a smart pick up line, the true worshipper’s admiration of God is more than lip service. The true worshipper knows God, and understands His attributes. He worships God for who He is. Such a worshipper desires to be in the bosom of God, to continually see more of Him in order to develop a deeper relationship. In the realm of true worship is truth. The worshipper opens his all to God, and God opens Himself to him. Thus, there is a continual exchange; worship goes up, and God’s illumination comes down, then worship goes up, and God gives more, and the cycle continues.

Romance between husbands and wives follow a similar pattern. The romantic worshipper may present a flower, or write a love letter, but this is done not just as a mechanism for making up, or foreplay for sexual intercourse. Rather, it is done in deep appreciation of the spouse’s personhood. He understands his mate, and thus responds in loving affection. Moreover, the romantic worshipper recognizes the special value God has placed upon his mate. He knows that she is made in God’s image, bone of his bones, one flesh.

The more we appreciate God for his greatness and goodness, the greater we value and appreciate the beauty of His creation. Human beings are the masterpiece of God’s creation, and our spouses are made in God’s image. As the romancer draws nigh to his spouse in affection, he brings out the best in her. She reveals more of her heavenly beauty; her beauty shines. Truth dwells in the realm of intimacy; in that atmosphere, a husband and his wife share honestly with each other, and gains a growing understanding of each other’s personhood. Love is given, love is received, and so the cycle continues.

Every couple can tap into deeper levels of intimacy by continually building a life and a home filled with true worship.

About Omaudi Reid

Omaudi Reid is currently the senior pastor of the Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, NY. His life has been tremendously affected by the Harvest Army World Revival Movement, and so endeavors to preach the gospel and stir revival in any medium possible.


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