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“Honestly, I’m blown away by your outstanding perspectives on motherhood and parenting in scripture! It stunned me all over again today how deep your study of scripture and revelations on the subject. Thank you for taking the time to write this book at a time like this when this understanding is desperately needed.”

Bad Moms of the Bible

Aninoritse Ejuliuwa, Award Winning Writer

A treasure for these end times, The Prophetic Revolution is a timely resource for every Christian, church leader and the Body of Christ collectively. Fostering the prophetic, this gift opens the eyes of Believers to God’s prophetic call in their lives. As a useful tool, The Prophetic Revolution guides church leaders in empowering and leading their churches into the prophetic. This asset will no doubt mobilize the Body of Christ into manifestations of the prophetic plunging the church into a prophetic revolution!

The Prophetic Revolution

S. Mckoy, Minister at Harvest Army

This very informative, powerful, easy-to-read book is a must for the body of Christ at a time of much confusion concerning genuine worship. I especially recommend the chapters, “Freedom from Divination” and “Unload and Lift off”. You don’t want to miss these eye opening pages.

No More Whacky Worship

Bishop K. D. Collins, Founding Visionary of Harvest Army Church International
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