Can God Make a Marriage?

Yes, God can make a marriage?   Find out more about marriage with a number of articles from romance to dealing with infidelity:

Marriage Articles:  Creating Unbreakable Bonds

Can God make a marriage?  This is one of the first questions I asked in the book, “Creating Unbreakable Bonds”.  After fifteen years of marriage, I can reaffirm that God can truly make a marriage.  I do not know of any other woman that would have been able to bear all that she had to endure with me.  I thank God for a beautiful, loving and a strong wife.  My journey with her continues, and it gets sweeter.

Marriage will never be without its problems.  However, in God, you can have a bond with your spouse that will never be broken.   Start in the Spirit, link emotionally, and consummate in the flesh.

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Omaudi Reid is currently the senior pastor of the Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, NY. His life has been tremendously affected by the Harvest Army World Revival Movement, and so endeavors to preach the gospel and stir revival in any medium possible.

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