About Us

Harvesters Online Publishing

representing writers for world revival

Harvesters Online Publishing is a small, independent Christian book publisher. We identify, and represent authors who have a passion for world revival.  This means we intend to publish books that propagate holiness, evangelism, manifestation of spiritual gifts, ministry development and related topics that stir the church of Jesus Christ toward world revival. Our task is to identify and represent authors with this passion. And also, publish, promote and sell books that have this purpose. We do not accept any payment up front for publishing books.  We are not a self-publishing service or a vanity press.  We are looking to promote a unique type of content for world revival. We are willing to represent authors that have this same goal.

Vision:  To be a Christian publishing press that houses a remnant of writers that focuses on stirring and maintaining the Spirit of Revival in the body of Christ through longform articles, and non-fiction books.  We also  accept a small amount of short fiction, poetries, and stories that resonate and stir the spirit of revival.

 Omaudi Reid started Harvesters Online Publishing.  He started this publishing entity out of a burden to see Christian authors, that are focused on seeing revival across the world , propagate their words in writing.  While there are many Christian books available today, books that speak with authority on radical Christian living, powerful evangelism, holiness, dynamic preaching, and world revival seem to be in short supply.  For world revival, there needs to be a stirring towards the hunger for radical, high standard Christian living, and away from the fluff, and worldliness too often common today.  Burdened with this, Omaudi is writing books as God leads, and looking to represent authors with the same passion.  This is an expanded phase of the original HarvestersOnline.com website which was launched in 2003, and had focused on allowing believers to post their messages, devotions and articles to the world for readers seeking encouragement in Christ.  Harvesters Online Publishing takes this further in seeking to identify and represent Christian writers who write to stir others towards revival.


  • Identify authors that focus on stirring or maintaining the Spirit of Revival.
  • Identify writers with relevant topics on Revival, and assist them into transforming their words and ideas into written form.
  • Publish high quality writings through all available electronic digital mediums as possible, and making the writings available for print.
  • Publish excerpts or longform articles on the web
  •  Provide a place where writers can communicate their thoughts to readers through short articles, devotions and reflections
  • Promote books that focus on the world revival movement.