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Unfailing Promises

Read: Genesis 16:1-6;Genesis 18:1-15 Key Scripture:Genesis 18:14

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?..

The Bible speaks of a woman called Sarah that could not have any children. Sarah wanted a child and waited but she was never able to bear a child. Matters grew worst when Sarah got so old that the hope of having a child was dead. Out of frustration, Sarah decided to let her maidservant bear a child for her husband. Her handmaid in return spoke against Sarah because she knew Sarah could not bear children. Then one day Abraham got a visit from the angels of God proclaiming that Sarah will have a son. Now Sarah, being very old and naturally unable to bear children, laughed and said “after I am wax old shall I have pleasure?” ‘The angel heard Sarah laughing and said, “why do you laugh?” But Sarah, being afraid denied that she laughed. Before the angel departed, he said these words “Is there anything too hard for the Lord I WILL RETURN unto you according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Are you constantly trying to be productive in life, only to find that instead of bearing precious fruit you are barren or unproductive? Is there frustration and disappointment in your life? Did God give a word of prophecy that you have been waiting for a long time to come to pass? Maybe it’s having a child, husband, finances, ministry, job, etc. And you waited and waited and now you have concluded – feeling God has forgotten you, and there is just no way your God-given dreams will come to pass. Are you being persecuted despite your acts of love? If yes is the answer to any of these questions you are about to enter a place of fulfillment.

Fulfillment means a place of completion or satisfaction. In order for us to enter the realm of completeness, we must: Be in a place of vision. In order for Abraham and Sarah to enter the realm of completeness, they first had to be visionary. They had to fight vigorously at the thought of Sarah’s natural inability to have a child. They learned to see things supernaturally, to be in a place of Revelation.

Revelation simply means to be revealed or exposed. Once we have adapted to the supernatural way of thinking, God will direct our steps into the fulfillment of His promises. One minister describes how he waited for years for God to heal his son. After years of bad news from the doctor, He had almost forgotten that God promised to heal the child. One night, God revealed to him the steps to take for the child’s healing. Not long after God totally healed the child from the disease. Being in a place of revelation will allow God to give you direct order into the fulfillment of His promises.

Finally, I want you to remember what the angel of God said to Sarah. He said ‘I will return to you according to the time of life.’ No matter how your dreams are dead, the promises of God are sure. Your dead dreams and situations will come back according to the time of life. Remember, there is nothing greater on this earth than when God leaves his throne and flies upon the wings of the wind to make you the heir of a promise.

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