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God’s word is real. A man who is diligent in the way that God has carved out for his life will stand before kings. God is particular about His people standing before Kings. God said in the book of Isaiah that Kings shall come to the brightness of our rising.

Who are these kings that God is referring us to?

God wants to reach leaders of various nations, families, organizations and professions. This is very strategic to Him. The believer will think that God wants him, to meet Kings so that the believer will make more money and have more power. Yes! This is part of the reason why God connects us with kings but there is a greater purpose. Kings are influential and God needs their influence for His Kingdom Purpose. God wants to convert unbelieving Kings(leaders) and He wants to use their influence to reach more souls to Him. 

Arrowheads are strategic in the end-time move of God. When Daniel influenced the King of Babylon the whole Babylonian empire was influenced for God.

When Joseph influenced Pharaoh the King of Egypt. The King gave him the liberty to teach his princes wisdom and to mentor his senators at will. When Mordecai, a diligent gatekeeper, influenced a young lady who later became queen, God gave him the opportunity to preserve the Jews. When Esther influenced her husband the king, the evil decrees that Haman got against the people of God was preserved.

This is why God wants you to reach kings. He wants to use them to save His people and to spread His kingdom on earth. But the test is diligence. You must be diligent with your work. The bible says that whatever you are asked to do, that you should do it with all diligence because you are doing it for the Lord. Your business and career are the Lord’s and He is the Lord of diligence. He is the Lord of the diligent and the Master of those who work hard where He has positioned them. It is not every hard work that is recognized by God. He will not give a good reward to works of iniquity.¬†

The mediocre cannot reach kings. They don’t have outstanding and outshining results that will attract kings. Referrals are important in every business and only the diligent that can be referred.

Kings will host a diligent man but a man with light will host kings. Which one is better? There is a realm you will be and kings host you for business sake but there is a higher realm, this is when you will host kings for mentorship and discipleship. The young Joseph said God has made me a father to Pharaoh.

Ask yourself am I diligent? Are my works standing before Kings? Am I illuminated to host kings? Do I believe I can host kings?

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