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Grace for Single Parenting: A Spiritual Guide for Mothers Raising Godly Children


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Having experienced God’s grace to raise her son as a single mother, Guerline Reid presents biblical principles for single parenting. With steps for single mothers to overcome their spiritual struggles, and lead their household to victory single parents will discover that their children are channels of hope for the future, and instruments of deliverance in their current situation.

Single parenting can be defined as taking on the majority of the responsibilities of raising a child or children alone, without the active involvement of a partner. As such this book applies to divorced parents, widowed parents, and parents that are single due to unplanned pregnancies. In addition, this book also applies to married individuals whose partners neglect their parental responsibilities. There are mothers who despite marriage, does not have the support of the father in caring for the children, and therefore bears much of the same challenges as with a single mother. This book is also for you. Furthermore, since this book is a spiritual guide, the contents are also applicable to Christian parents who may be alone in raising their children in a spiritual way. Christian mothers who do not have the support of the father in raising their children unto God can apply many of the principles in this book, and raise their children as men and women of God. Finally, if you were the product of a single-parent home, you may gain understanding and insight to some of the struggles you have experienced, and possibly continue to face.


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