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No More Whacky Worship (God’s Revival Series, #1) no-more-wacky-worship-Front-CoverThumb-web-promo

Author: Omaudi D. Reid

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From the Editor: Evangelist S. Mckoy:

In the book of 1 Samuel 19, something interesting happened to Saul’s servants. They were sent on a mission by their master; they came into a company of prophets and got engulfed-they started prophesying too!

This parallels my experience as I read and edited this masterpiece – I became engulfed. I became amazed and amused by the author’s observation of factors which might not be obvious to the naked eye; factors that affect our worship.

This book was a pleasure to edit as it involves ‘down-to-earth’, practical experiences. The factual stories made editing easier. The real life examples made editing enjoyable.

I am convinced that you will express similar sentiments after you have indulged, engulfed and immersed your mind, body, soul and spirit into the revelatory material of this valuable piece of resource.

“Whacky Worship” is a book like no other. It takes you into the innermost realms of worship. The author delves into factors affecting worship that might not be apparent to the physical senses. From “A Call to Gather” to “The Reason to Praise”, the author takes us into the recesses of true worship demonstrating the importance of gathering; showing that where we gather and the frequency of our gathering do make a difference in whether we are giving true worship or whether our worship is just plain old whacky. There is a logical flow as the author not only articulates to his readers what true worship is, but what whacky worship is: divination and witchcraft-connected. Readers will find that the problem is not only identified, but practical solutions are provided, in for example, “Freedom from Divination”. The author further directs the readers to another important factor which causes worship to be whacky: “Worldliness and Sexual Sins”. Solutions as to how we can sanctify our whole temple: mind, body and spirit, are provided. This masterpiece on worship concludes by elevating readers to another level in worship: “Unloading and Lifting off” from Egypt to Sinai, from Babylon to Jerusalem! Readers will discover “The Reason to Praise” God.

As you peruse through the pages of this manuscript, you will surely discover the level of worship you are at. If you are just a beginner, “Whacky Worship” will teach you how to truly worship God. If your worship is just whacky, applications of the solutions provided in the book, will take you into higher dimensions of true worship. If you have somewhat ‘mastered’ the art of true worship, “Whacky Worship” will propel you into even a higher level of worship in God.


No More Whacky Worship (God’s Revival Series, #1)

[purchase_link id=”500″ text=”Buy E-book” style=”text” color=”blue”]

Buy On Amazon [Kindle Edition]

E-book also Available on: Apple ibooks | | Google Play

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