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No More Whacky Worship, the first book in the God’s Revival Series is now here. You can purchase the E-book version at :

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E-book also Available on: Apple ibooks | | Google Play

Coming Soon – a series of books stirring the body of Christ towards God’s Revival.  First in the series is No More Whacky Worship,   Click here to find out more about it.

New York City is the cradle for a mighty move of God – the Harvest Army World Revival Movement.  This is a movement with the vision – an army of harvesters for world revival.  From this movement believers worldwide have been rising up to personal evangelism, street preaching, and prophesying.  The Bible tells us in Joel 2:28 that in the last days “sons and daughters shall prophesy”.

God’s Revival is World Revival.  God’s intention is that revival blazes through the entire planet.  We are expecting revival to blaze across the world as believers worldwide arise in holiness, prophesying under the power of God and preaching the return of Jesus Christ (Joel 2:28). The God’s Revival Series is a set of book designed to call believers to “raise up the standard, and blow the trumpet” – the motto of the Harvest Army International Church.  The series will include the following:

Stay abreast as these books are released over the coming year.

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