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Endorsements – No More Whacky Worship

Ministry leaders worldwide including pastors, bishops, and evangelists have endorsed No More Whacky Worship. The following are some of the comments from leaders who have endorsed the book.


This very informative, powerful, easy-to-read book is a must for the body of Christ at a time of much confusion concerning genuine worship. I especially recommend the chapters, “Freedom from Divination” and “Unload and Lift off”. You don’t want to miss these eye opening pages.

Bishop K. D. Collins, D. Min, DD
General Overseer, Harvest Army Church International


Pastor Reid addresses a spiritual problem of colossal negative impact, whacky worship. In fact, whacky worship led to the first murder in history. Cain’s whacky worship in Genesis chapter 4 was rejected by God but Abel’s genuine worship was accepted. Cain became jealous of Abel’s acceptance and killed him.

Pastor Reid in No More Whacky Worship seeks to inform and deter people from Whacky Worship, which is false worship. He then seeks to enlighten them of true spiritual worship, which is done in spirit and truth as the worshipper synergizes in spirit with God and corporately with fellow worshippers. This is an informative, inspiring and a life-changing book, if you put it into practice.

Reverend Seaton D. Wilson
Senior Pastor, First Assembly of God, St. Croix, USVI
Author, Reign in Your Domain”


No More Whacky Worship” is a master piece, enlightening, challenging and  a must-be-read book by all Christians.  God has used his humble servant Omaudi D. Reid to pen great insights of what true worship is, that which pleases the Lord; and also, that which is a hindrance to us and a stench in His nostrils.  Read with an open heart.  It will revolutionize your thinking and your lifestyle, for the Glory of God.  I recommend this book to all.

From Apostle Patrick Tulsie
Streams of Living Water Apostolic Centre


Wow, I have to commend this book because of its rhema contents; it will speak to small and great. This book will not just be a book, but it will also bring to light the things hidden from many. No More Whacky Worship is an instruction manual to be used in ministry. From commence to conclusion the book teaches the many hindrances to true worship and how to get to the place and the right place where the Lord Jesus will be glorified. It gives examples of whacky worship that are oblivious to many believers today, and gives easy clear steps to self delivery. “No More Whacky Worship” is what’s needed now!

From Reverend D. Ranglins
Pastor, Harvest Army God;s Revival Arena


Pastor Reid has done it again!

Pastor Reid has found a new term “Whacky”, and used it in such a way that I would not have associated with worship.  He used this unusual term to identify and describe compromising trends towards genuine worship. God has enabled him to open doors, unveiling the real essence of true worship and adoration. He clearly demonstrates and articulates that true worship ought to be authentic.

We are invited to journey together with him in this paradigm shift transforming our “private worship for public praise.”

From Minister Sharon Lawrence
Power of Faith Ministries, Brooklyn, NY


First let me say that it was a pleasure to read No More Whacky Worship. From the first chapter to the last, I was drawn in by the insight that was offered in this book along with the directions and instruction on what true worship should  be as Jesus said – in spirit and truth; and, how to identify false practices that have become commonplace in many places of worship. The book also opens up and dives into the reasons some stay away from fellowship and explains how gathering in itself is not only necessary but also healthy and should be embraced. If I could, I would get a copy of this book in every Christian’s hands and I am sure it would be a blessing to them as it has been to me .

From Minister Kirk Mckoy
Harvest Army God’s Revival Center, Queens, NY


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