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Harvesters Online Publishing presents the e-book Yes Girl He Loves Me and Jesus Loves You Too!, the riveting story of Nikki Christian now available on and Amazon’s Kindle for only $2.99. Be moved by the life changing power of God in the life of a young lady that was ravaged by abuse, drug trafficking, and gang banging. Learn how God revealed his love at the door of Nikki, and drove it in her heart. The story will leave you heartbroken, hopeful, and uplifted. Sales of the e-book version of the book will be used to sponsor the free distribution of paperback copies to young people in need of hearing an inspiring story of God’s love.

 The story begins in the apartment of Nikki, an environment filled with drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and violence. Nikki looks out the window desiring the happiness she hears ringing from a nearby church. Wrecked by an abusive childhood, a gang banging lifestyle, and constant feelings of depression, she dreams of a new life. She thinks God could not love her, since he allowed such awful things to happen to her life, until one day God sends a preacher to her home. Today, Nikki Christian is a wife and mother, and have been spending her life sharing the love of God to others.

Driven by God’s love, Nikki wants her story to be available wherever there are hurting young ladies looking for love. Outreach ministries, churches, church leaders and non-profit organizations can utilize this story to reach out to young people who need a way out. Proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be used to fund the free distribution of paperback copies of the book to young people who need to hear an inspiring story of God’s changing power. By purchasing a copy of the e-book version you are sponsoring a printed copy for someone who needs to hear an inspiring life-changing story of God’s redemption.

Yes Girl He Loves Me and Jesus Loves You Too! is now available as an e-book on and Amazon’s Kindle  for only $;2.99 in all the popular e-book formats for e-readers, tablets, and mobile e-reader apps.The proceeds from the sale of the e-books will be used to freely distribute paperback copies of the book to young ladies, and young people in general who needs to hear about God’s love.

About the Author

Nikki Christian is a wife, and mother of three children. She enjoys sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and has been preaching the gospel in the United States and other countries for over ten years. Having been dramatically transformed by the love of God and delivered from the harshness of street life, promiscuity, drug use, drug trafficking and gang banging, her aim is to make the transforming power of Jesus’ love known to others.

About the Publisher

Harvesters Online Publishing is a small, independent Christian book publisher. We identify, and represent authors who have a passion for world revival. This means we intend to publish books that propagates holiness, evangelism, manifestation of spiritual gifts, ministry development, and related topics that stirs the church of Jesus Christ toward world revival.

Contact Information

Contact the publisher at harvesters (at) or visit us here. You can also call 678-591-8555.


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