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Soul-Saving Women

Women have been mightily used by God from the Bible days to present time, despite the attempts of some Christian leaders to silence their voice. In this thrilling, eye-opening book, Pastor Guerline Reid along with other writers from the Harvest Army Church International writes with passion as they trumpet the call for women to arise for revival. The book chronicles the key soul-saving women that have been instruments of revival from the Old Testament days, to the times of the early church, to the present time. This book lays a case for women to preach and lead through past and present testimonies of women with tremendous ministry fruits and impact, along with a biblical defense of women in leadership, the prophetic call for women to arise, and instructions for women to lead biblically.

The book was commissioned by the Harvest Army Church International and written by Guerline¬†Reid. Other contributors to the book include Bishop K. D. Collins, founding vessel of the Harvest Army Church International; Apostle E. E. Collins, the co-founding vessel of the Harvest Army Church International;, and Bishop O. Reid, senor pastor of Harvest Army God’s Revival Arena.

The book will be out over the next coming months. Learn about soul-saving women such as Amanda Berry Smith, Catherine Booth, and Phoebe Palmer, as well as Bible favorites such as Mary Magdalene and Lydia, the house pastor.

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