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Always on His Mind

Read: Psalm 139:16-18 Key Scripture: Psalms 139:17

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!

Have you ever heard someone say: “you’re always on my mind”. Many men have tried to flirt with a woman with that line. How sweet it is to know that someone is always thinking about you. The truth is, however, is that no one has ever been able to live up to that promise. Only one man can keep, and is keeping this promise: Jesus Christ.

The Lord keeps everything about us on his mind. The Psalmist says that God already recorded all our members in a book, even before we were born. Before we were born, God was thinking about us, and ordaining His plans for our lives. He made sure everything we need would be in place to accomplish his purpose. There is not a dot of our lives that is hidden from God. He diligently ensures that all things are provided for us according to his will. So complete are His thoughts that it is more than the sands of the sea – impossible to number.

Knowing the intricacy and magnitude of the Lord’s thoughts toward us should fill us with awe and assurance. Awe- because of the realization of God’s great grace and glory being shown to us. Often our minds are not on Him, but His mind is always on us. His faithfulness toward us should draw us closer to Him. Assurance – because of the realization that all our thoughts and concentration could not add one inch to our length, but the designs of God’s mind ensured that we would grow. This realization keeps us from worrying about the things we cannot handle, leaving them in the hands of the Almighty God who planned it all out before we were even born. Rather than worrying, we seek his will and kingdom, for the Lord has already planned for all things to be added unto us.

We are always on His mind. His thoughts and plans are for us to be all we can be by His grace and glory.

Lord, thank you for the great thoughts you have toward me, and the plans you have ordained for my life. Let my desire be to live according to your grace and glory.

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