Yes Girl He Loves Me and Jesus Loves You Too!


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In “Yes Girl He Loves Me and Jesus Loves You Too!”, you will be moved by the life changing power of God in the life of a young lady that was ravaged by abuse, drug trafficking, and gang banging. Learn how God revealed his love at the door of Nikki, and drove it in her heart. The story will leave you heartbroken, hopeful, and uplifted. From Nikki C: Yes Girl! This book was written just for you. On the inside you struggle with doubt, fear, depression, insecurity and you sometimes wonder, can God really love me? What about all the wrong I have done? Can I really be given a clean slate? Me? Yes Girl You! I have something to share with you so you have to open the book. Driven by God’s love, Nikki wants her story to be available wherever there are hurting young ladies looking for love. Outreach ministries, churches, and non-profit organizations can utilize this story to reach out to young people who need a way out.


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