Worship at its Best?

What some of the most popular leaders in Christendom describe as “worship at its best” is a far cry from the true worship found in the Bible. For example, the leader of one of the the largest churches in America said the following concerning one of the largest Christian mega events in the United States […]

Demons in the Worship Temple

Is it possible that many places that should be houses of worship are instead havens of devils? The church should rightly be a place where folks oppressed by demonic powers can come and receive deliverance. But today some church assemblies are inviting demons in their places of worship. It behooves the believer to ensure that […]

Whacky Worship: Behind the Name

Scroll to the bottom and Sign up for our newsletter to get a Free Sample of No More Whacky Worship One evening a brother walked into my office, and proceeded to tell me that coming to church is only necessary when one is “led by the Spirit”. His belief kept him from coming to church […]