Cultivating Spiritual Intimacy

When two people – destined for each other, come together, there is often an incredible amount of combustibility. Combustion occurs when two or more substances react chemically together, resulting in the giving off of heat and light; often called burning. In the same manner, two people joined together by God can spiritually set each other […]

The Romantic Worshipper

A dozen roses, a box of chocolate, a love letter, and a special date, all these are famous examples of romantic advancements. However, the art of romance surpasses routines, just as true worship involves more than observing religious rituals. A spirit of worship in the home sets a healthy atmosphere for loving romance. My wife […]

Maintaining the Friendship

Key Scripture: Proverbs 17:9 ..He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; But he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends. Try sitting in a totally quiet and sound proof room for a while, and then leave a faucet dripping. Soon, you will likely get annoyed. That one dripping pipe will cause you to either get […]

The Importance of Date Night

Married life is complex. Why? Because many dynamics are involved in the relationship. The husband and the wife each face the challenges of life, whether that be overcoming personal challenges, being successful on a job, raising children, dealing with family members, and just simply the daily pressures of life. These can seem even more challenging […]

Maneuvering Through the Storms

Storms – it may begin with a car accident; on the same day a husband loses his job, then there is a call from the child’s school that he has been suspended. Thinking it could not get any worse: the wife’s mother dies the next day. Can anything else go wrong! The above scenario may […]

Keeping Your Peace When Your Spouse Loses It

Colossians 3:15 – ..let the peace of God rule in your heart.. It’s the end of the day and your spouse gets home. He or she did not give a smile, a hello, nor a “honey I’m home”. The behavior of the kids seems to annoy him or her more than usual, and everything you […]

Forgiving Infidelity – Getting Past the Hurts

How can an offended spouse move on when his or her partner has been unfaithful?  Let us reflect on this question from the basis that the couple intends to stay together, since reconciliation is usually best.  However, what should the offended spouse do?  Pretend as if it nothing happened?  Ignore it?  Overlook it?  Use it as […]

Can God Make a Marriage?

Yes, God can make a marriage?   Find out more about marriage with a number of articles from romance to dealing with infidelity: Marriage Articles:  Creating Unbreakable Bonds Can God make a marriage?  This is one of the first questions I asked in the book, “Creating Unbreakable Bonds”.  After fifteen years of marriage, I can […]