Start Praying Hard – 2nd Book in God’s Revival Series

Start Praying Hard is the second book in the God’s Revival Series. The first book, at the time of this writing, was just released – No More Whacky Worship. The first two books, No More Whacky Worship and Start Praying Hard, is a call to raise the standard as we become catalysts for world revival. The last two books – The Convicting Power of God and Your Prophetic Release, are designed for us to blow the trumpet – spreading the gospel, and manifesting the power of God.

Currently, I am working on Start Praying Hard. I wanted to give you an excerpt from the first chapter titled “A Call to Prayer”. Read it below, and you are welcome to provide any feedback.

A Call to Prayer

Start Praying Hard. Who begins the conversation? God. The Lord initiates the communication that we have with Him in prayer. He calls us to pray. We often view prayer as our attempt to get close to a God that seems far away. But prayer is responding to a God that is longing for a conversation with us.

This understanding alone is a major motivation to prayer. We are not kneeling before a God who we must convince to listen to us. We are kneeling before a God who calls us to talk to Him. We cannot inform God of anything. Whatsoever we ask Him for, the Lord is already fully aware that we need them. Our much words in prayer does not impress God. Rather, what He seeks are for men who will respond to His voice – His call to pray.

I believe God is speaking now more than ever. The Bible declares in Joel 2:28 that in the last days God would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh; therefore, sons and daughters will prophesy. God is speaking, and giving revelations to His people more than ever. If God is speaking to us in such unprecedented ways, then our conversation with Him needs to have a manifold increase.

Prayer is responding to a God that is longing to speak to us.

It’s time to start praying hard.

– an excerpt from Start Praying Hard, to be released in 2014.


About Omaudi Reid

Omaudi Reid is currently the senior pastor of the Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, NY. His life has been tremendously affected by the Harvest Army World Revival Movement, and so endeavors to preach the gospel and stir revival in any medium possible.

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