A finished project!

This finished book was a long time coming. “Yes Girl He Loves Me…and Jesus Loves You Too!” was a work the Lord placed in my spirit to write over five years ago. Each time I sat at my computer to begin writing, my stomach would hurt. I would feel tears coming to my eyes and I would become angry, unable to get past a few lines. I wrestled with God over this; knowing that I was sitting on a testimony that could potentially help someone else, but selfishly hid it. Consequently, my relationship with God suffered just a bit. I tried bargaining with God, thinking I could get away with doing other assignments and by praying around it, but without fully listening to God. I knew that each time of listening to Him, in the quietness of my spirit, I would get a gentle nudge reminding me that He was still waiting on me to finish this book.

One evening about six months ago, I felt an overwhelming conviction while I prayed. God showed me that I had become smug in my own salvation and had stepped out of place. I was becoming one of “those” –  those  Christians who were forgetting about the lost and hurting world that He came for; a world that I was a part of for most of my life. Having suffered though abuse from as early as I can remember and having been neglected by drug addicted parents, I was hurting. Bitterness and a lack of any sense of self-worth drove me to do some things I would not even dare cover in a book. Drowning my pain with promiscuity, drug-dealing and gangster life, I was there – a part of a hurting and dying world. But I was introduced to Jesus, who saved me completely, even with all my filthiness and baggage. Having tasted the awesomeness of salvation, I had started to become a little like those who later confessed to me, “I saw you there on the corner; I would have talked to you, but I never thought you were worth it.” No I had never gone as far as to say (or think) that a person without Christ, regardless of their condition, was not worth it, but what was I saying by my complacency? I cried out to God for forgiveness and with the Holy Spirit comforting, helping and guiding I finished the first draft within hours.

Yes, this finished project took a while, but words cannot even express the difference writing this book has made in my life. Even during this whole process of writing, editing and getting out a finished product to you, God has been healing my soul from my past. The stigma of abuse had caused me to feel so ashamed that I did not want anyone to know about the things that still troubled me ever so often. Seeing my story printed and the secrets out there for anyone to see has lifted a load off of me that I had been carrying so long that I did not know it was even possible to put it down. Since the release I have already heard of some great testimonies from people who had similar life traumas and have experienced a new freedom as they open themselves up to receive the deliverance only Jesus can bring.

If you have not purchased “Yes Girl He Loves Me…and Jesus Loves You Too!” please consider a purchase. Proceeds from the purchase goes to cover the cost associated with getting this book in the hands of people who need to hear about the healing love of Jesus

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