Whacky Worship: Behind the Name

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no-more-wacky-worship-Front-CoverThumb-web-promoOne evening a brother walked into my office, and proceeded to tell me that coming to church is only necessary when one is “led by the Spirit”. His belief kept him from coming to church consistently, and he had begun to share this belief with a few new converts. The new believers began to miss church intermittently; they had to be taught again on the importance of consistent church attendance. By God’s grace, they realized the error in the brother’s teaching and got back on track. However, the brother was adamant that since there is no distance in the Spirit, he can be anywhere and still be in true worship. During this same time, a sister decided to leave the church because the Spirit not only told her to go somewhere else but also “not to even come to the doors of the church because God is not there”. She had no complaint otherwise, just going by what “the Spirit” told her. In that time, I continued to hear about a number of gospel artists who were either homosexuals or sympathetic toward it. I was shocked to hear of a full scale homosexual church with a “Bishop and First Gentleman”, where speaking in tongues, dancing in the Spirit, and charismatic gospel singing takes place. Thinking and meditating on these scenarios and events, the thought “whacky” dropped in my spirit. This was all “Whacky Worship”.

In all the above scenarios, the characters sincerely believe they are engaging in true worship. One deny the clear biblical teaching that believers should regularly attend a local church. The other listen to a spirit that calls for full separation from believers (the Holy Spirit can lead a believer to another church for regular fellowship, but would not call for full separation from a set of believers for no reason). And today, there are many living in open contradiction to the Bible’s teaching on sexual morality while singing, shouting and dancing in church. This type of worship does not make any spiritual sense – it is whacky.

My hope is that through this book, believers will come to identify and overcome the practices that prevents true spiritual worship. It is easy for people to lift hands and thank God that the sun is shining another day, while missing the heavy dark clouds that hangs over their life, blocking them from worshipping with true freedom. However, we can remove the dark clouds, and lift off into true worship.

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About Omaudi Reid

Omaudi Reid is currently the senior pastor of the Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, NY. His life has been tremendously affected by the Harvest Army World Revival Movement, and so endeavors to preach the gospel and stir revival in any medium possible.

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